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Modern IT systems are so complex that it can be difficult to ensure you have the right installation, even for small businesses with straightforward requirements. There can be long-term implications behind every decision and unless you know exactly what you are doing, you can make costly mistakes. So calling in IT Solutions makes sense. We have the experience and know-how to help you make effective decisions, whether you're looking at a system upgrade or an entirely new installation. For more info and prices, just contact us.

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Technical Audit

If you've built your IT system over time, you probably have a mix of different hardware and software, which may not provide a high level of business efficiency. Our experts can review your current technology and provide you with a comprehensive report on the hardware, software, cabling and accessories that make up your system. We will identify where potential problems may occur and provide you with a comprehensive set of recommendations that will help you achieve peak efficiency.

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Upgrades and Extentions

If you have decided to upgrade or expand your IT infrastructure, we can ensure that the project runs smoothly, with minimum interruption to your day-to-day functioning. Here at IT Solutions, we know the market and have excellent working relationships with leading technology providers. So if you want to improve the speed and efficiency of your IT system, contact us for professional and unbiased advice and information.

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Planning Your New System

If you are moving to a new campus and need to build an entirely new IT network, planning from the beginning is essential. IT Solutions will discuss with you your specific needs, align them with your business objectives and provide detailed and expert advice on every aspect of the project. We understand the importance of network topology and how to balance wired and wireless networking for optimum efficiency. If you have mobile workers, remote employees or branch offices, we know how to integrate these into your central system. Talk to IT Solutions for expert system planning.

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System Migration

The IT market is constantly evolving and there are plenty of opportunities for improving business efficiency and increasing operational flexibility, such as moving your server-based network to a cloud solution. Along with opportunities, there are also disadvantages and IT Solutions can provide you with all the advice and support you need to make the right decisions for your future.

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